Acceleration is not Enrichment

The distinction of them both is such that:

“Acceleration” refers to any strategy whereby individual pupils, or groups of more able pupils, are systematically fed standard curriculum work months or years ahead of their peers, thereby putting their learning (permanently) out of phase with that of their peer group


Enrichment”  refers to any strategy which seeks to serve the needs of able pupils in ways to avoid the above – to provide extension work which enriches the curriculum by requiring deeper understanding of standard material.


Enrichment is a term often misused, rather it is Acceleration mostly in operation for most eyes are caked shut with a dust of deception. It is undeniable that acceleration  has a strong appeal to most people (as with stakeholders) who are under pressure to trumpet their achievements infused with some sense of “kiasuism” Not to mention, society applauds for those who pursue an education to prepare for a career. My personal take is we should believe that children are significant contributors  rather than just objects or passive recipients of our activities paved for them – to equip them with the skills of being a learner so that they may inherit the ‘earth’ in times of change, rather then preparing them for the economy.


“The joy of confronting a novel situation and trying to make sense of it – the joy of banging your head against a mathematical wall, and then discovering that there may be ways of either going around or over that wall”
Page 43 Schoenfeld (1994)



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